Monday, 14 February 2011


I have finally run far enough in my "barefoot shoes" that they're getting close to wearing through. Time for another pair.

It's a good thing, as I've been running a lot lately (compared with last year), exploring parts of San Francisco I know little about, namely the South Beach area. It's were all the cool kids live these days.

I began running in VFF's a couple of years ago now..even before the book "Born to Run" came out. I had no idea how much work it was to run in regular running shoes until I ran without them. I bought my old red Sprints, online, on sale, after trying some on in a brick-and-mortar store to determine the right size.

Recently three of my running friends have decided to give the VFF's a try. I hope they love them as much I like mine. It has made running sort of kid-like. Can't wait to get my new KSOs.

An that's not all. Just bought moustache handlebars for my touring bike. They're kind of bike geeky, but they offer a number of hand positions not available with my current drop bars. As I am about a year away from riding the End to End in the UK, doing 60-80 miles a day for about three weeks, variable hand positions are a good thing. They also have enough room for my nifty new camera mount, which means I'll get to post some yummy videos of screaming downhills and torturous ups, along with the requisite still shots of the end-of-the-day beers and other pleasures.

Other developments.

Our effort to live more simply and cheaply is bearing some fruit...actually, vegetables. Have joined a community garden project in our little town of Albany, and have our own raised bed. So far we've planted cauliflower, broccoli, peas, beans, spinach, lettuce, beets, artichokes, radishes, cabbage and brussels sprouts...and it's only about half full!

In order to put all that work to good use, we have returned to the kitchen where we used to spend a lot of time. My favourite "cuisine" is Indian, and we're doing a lot of that. The apartment very often smells of roasted cumin, which is NOT a bad thing, believe me. We're also doing lots of slow cooker recipes. Bung 'em all in the cooker, turn it on..come back in eight hours and dig in!

and...I have again begun work on my book. Late last year I started it, and had a full introduction and one chapter done. Then spent a few days at a friends cabin at Pt. Reyes, read what I had written, and quickly decided it was crap. Spent the next few months waiting for inspiration...and trying to determine my "voice" for the book. Think I've found it this time. I may post excerpts over the next few months to get your feedback. Please, be brutal.

Mystery marathon CLUE #4 - The course is marked in kilometers!