Monday, 27 September 2010


2010 has been the mirror opposite of 2009, in terms of workin' out and stuff...and it shows. Just weighed myself for the first time this year. There are 8 pounds more of me than there were back in December, when I finished my marathon-a-month thing. I'm using a belt hole that's one step farther out. That's a bad thing. 

The good thing is...I don't feel that bad about it. This has not been an easy year. Honestly, it's probably been the worst ever, in many regards. But, I  have been coping. Sometimes, barely. Sometimes, way better. I know there are crowds of folks struggling to keep their sanity in these troubled times. I mean, have you seen those Glen Beck-tards? I applaud myself for not tumbling into the depths of his depravity. 

Mostly, I thank my amazing wife. She has been there, in every way, every day. Partially, I thank Trader Joes...and its Simpler Times Lager, for bolstering my coping skills. $2.99 a six-pack. Not the kind of six-pack I really want, though. So....

As of October 1...I am dusting off my Brooks Beasts...and my Vibram 5 Fingers...Garmin 305,  podcast-loaded iPod, and am hitting the Bay Area running paths again.  I am sitting by my mailbox, waiting for the delivery of my brand new BLACK Big G (Goon Squad Running Club) running singlet. I regret letting them down this year. Last year they gave me the first-ever Craziest Goon Award...because of my marathon exploits. Not so much, in 20-10.  My goal is to be back in marathon/half marathon shape by the new year. 

Other than, in general, is getting much smaller for me and mine. After years of lofty dreams of travel and conquest, I am playing my cards much closer to my chest these days. I will surely miss the days of wine-enhanced travel when I went to Scotland to run the Loch Ness Marathon...or Budapest, to acquire my one-and-only marathon DNF. We've cut those options up...and run them through the shredder...and handed the baton off to the dudes in the suits.

I am pouring more effort into my fledgling bike repair concern...based in my garage and on Facebook. I am looking for more freelance writing opportunities. We are taking over a community gardening grow our own veggies. For some reason, my wife wants flowers in it, too. Perhaps, I understand...more than I'm willing to admit.