Sunday, 17 June 2012


Firstly, I will just say. The closest I got to being killed by a driver during my 38 mile bike ride Sunday was in the last two miles. Stop me if you've heard this before. Prius driver, on the cellphone, rolling through the crosswalk (I was on a bike path, otherwise I would have been on the road), turning left. I glared..and escaped! The ride was amazing. It was during one of the hottest days we've had in the Bay Area this year. Met another cyclist later in the day who said it was 101 at Olema at 11am. That's near the Pt. Reyes National Seashore...and, while I question her number, I will say it WAS darned hot. I had to do something substantial to keep my training going for Portland Marathon in October. I had just kicked off the training program at the first of the month and was doing well when I got scheduled to work 7 3am-11am shifts fashioning the news for the radio listening public. At that end of those shifts I am nothing short of a zombie, so training took a holiday for a week. However, the dreaming and the planning did not. Ten years after I began running marathons and after taking about two years off since I ran 12 in 12 months, I am looking to make my own mark again in my 60s. Thus, the blog name change. I have convinced my stepson to join me for Portland. Now I just have to get him to start training again. He's young. He beat me by an hour when we ran Dublin in 2008. You know what they say about youth! Portland will my 33rd, and my third running of that race. Now I have signed up for the Belfast City Marathon in Northern Ireland in May 2013. When the lad and I went to Ireland we spent three short days in Belfast. He fell for a Swedish girl he met in the lobby of the hostel...I fell for Belfast. I need to go back. In preparation for that, I am now considering doing California International Marathon (CIM) this December, for the third time. I set my PR there in December 2008 (4:56)and I want to see if I can better that. Stay tuned. Speaking of CIM. The second time I ran that race, and set my only sub-5 record, I had a strange, but enlightening experience, beginning at mile 17. I experienced a migraine aura and for a moment or two thought my race might be over. Looked in my fanny pack for my meds, which I had forgotten to pack. Then I remembered having heard that migraines are caused by blood flow being temporarily restricted to the brain...and I wondered what would happen if, instead of quitting, I stepped up my pace to get my heart to beat harder. I did, it did, and I set a PR, after the migraine aura vanished in about 10 minutes. Well, a similar thing happened yesterday. Felt fine until I got off the bike for a break in Sausalito, and almost immediately the aura appeared. Again, no meds in the bag, so I decided to step up the pace on the bike. About 10 minutes later, the aura cleared. FYI. BTW. I am not a doctor and do not play one the radio. I'm just saying. Two other things from the ride. First, I discovered as I climbed two big hills that I have not enjoyed in the past that I kicked their butts. I got to the top of both and realized they were easier than they were the many times I've ridden them before. No explanation at this time. Second...remember to put your smart phone back INSIDE your rackbag BEFORE heading down a 35 mile an hour hill. It broke open, but still works. Phew! PS- This is the first time I've used blogger since it did some sort of change thing. I have no idea why it won't separate paragraphs.