Sunday, 16 November 2008


I'm talking about your first run in new shoes.

Delayed the start of my 20 mile pre-CIM training run today by two hours, waiting for SF's Presidio Sports Basement to open. I needed new "trainers" (as they say in Ye Olde Country). After all my experiments with other brands I have determined that the Brooks Beast is the best shoe for me. Motion control with decent padding in the heal, wide toe box, and high enough insteps for my slightly mis-matched feet. Knew the store had last year's Beast and was going to go with that until I spied the '09 version. A tasty little version it is, too. Navy blue mesh with tastefully done silver/gray trim. Not only did they feel good, they LOOK good.. This is America, after all.

Headed out towards the Golden Gate Bridge listening to, and thoroughly enjoying my newly-acquired Jonatha Brook album "The Works". If you haven't heard her before check it out. It's the lyrics of Woody Guthrie set to her original music. Completely sweet.

Crossed the GGB and returned to the waterfront, all the way through Ft. Mason, Chrissy Field, Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, the Embarcadero, down to the Ferry Building. At the Ferry Building I gave myself a little boost with a little cup of Peet's cofee, then swiftly hit the pavement for the return from whence I came.

All in all, fairly uneventful, which allowed my mind to wander a bit. Decided, as December 7th's CIM in Sacramento will be my last marathon during the Bush administration, I am going to celebrate that run as such. Perhaps it will make me lighter and faster. It will surely make me smile. My next marathon after CIM is January 25th in Carlsbad...the first weekend of the fresh, new Obama era. They'll be some celebrating then, to be sure.

Earlier this week I mentioned to some on Twitter and the Daily Mile that I had the absolute pleasure to do a morning run through a neighborhood in which it smelled as though everyone was frying lovely, lovely bacon. Today's smell of the run was that of fresh caramel popcorn, wafting over Pier 39. I was enticed to stop, as I am a major popcorn junkie. But, I resisted.

Gotta run!

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leslie said...

Hooray for the last long run before CIM! And good for you for not letting the popcorn derail you. There will be plenty of time for that AFTER the race!