Monday, 22 December 2008


Decided early this morning that my raging cold had messed with my training for far too long.

Haven't run a step in two weeks. That ended in the pre-dawn chill of Oakland's Lake Merritt, one of my favourite places to run.

Two times around did the trick, to the tune of 6 miles in 1:09. That time includes an 8 minute warm up walk. The most notable moment was the one where that first shot of icy air went right up both nostrils, as I drew my first step's first breath. It almost hurt.

I have just two weeks left of my six days a week work schedule. As of New Year's Day I'm out one of my two current jobs, thanks to previously noted downsizing. I'm jazzed about having the time to run practically every day, once my current schedule changes. I'm jazzed about maybe having a life again.

I'm jazzed about being back in the saddle, with 34 days to go until the Carlsbad Marathon, in Southern California.

Gotta run! See you out there.


MarathonChris said...

Way to get back out is tough when fighting sickness (been there doing that) but I seem to feel better running than not running :-)

Run strong and get better (perhaps 1 job instead of 2 WILL help!).

Julianne said...

Great job on the run!! I know you've been under the weather, too! Wow, another marathon? You are so hardcore!