Thursday, 9 April 2009


Yesterday was NOT my best ever at work. As a matter of fact, it was one of a handful of days over the past nearly eleven years at this job in which I really wanted to quit. I didn't do it. Instead, I came home, had nothing to eat, a couple glasses of wine, and sat on the couch with my laptop. By the time the final curtain fell on the evening, I'd been offered, and had accepted, a comp entry into the Big Sur Marathon, On April 26th.

Normally, that would be no big deal. Except for the fact that I'm running Salt Lake City Marathon the weekend before. WTF?

I was pretty jazzed when I went to bed. Didn't think I'd sleep well, but I did. Really did think, for just a moment when I woke up, that perhaps it had been something stupid I'd done in dreamland. Not so much. Checked my e-mail and, sure enough, there was confirmation that I had indeed jumped on board the BSIM train...that's leaving really soon.

I have run plenty of marathons in my seven year "career", granted...but never two with just a week between. Earlier this year I did Napa Valley Marathon two weeks after Austin...and did the California race faster than the Texas one. But this?????

Salt Lake is largely downhill, so it should be no problem. I'm looking for my best time ever there, based on recent form. Big Sur is NOT downhill, by any stretch of the imagination. There will be no PR's on the coast for me. should be fun.

I'll at least start with a bunch of folks I know from the Twitterverse, dailymile, Just Finish, and even Facebook. I'll get to met them in real life, and that should be a hoot. Looking forward to seeing what they're really like...when we catch the bus to the start at 3:45AM.

Hope I have a better day at work today. Afraid of what I might commit to if it all goes pear-shaped again.
Gotta run!


aron said...

I saw that all going down on twitter last night :) you are awesome!! you will do great, at least Big Sur has some amazing scenery right?! plus you will have lots of good company :) just another thing to add to the list of accomplishments - back to back marathons!

TokyoRacer said...

That could be tough...downhill is hard on the legs, you know.
Anyway, I am interested in your impressions of Big Sur. I am considering it for next year. However, a 3:45 bus ride is a big negative already. Why do marathons in america start so damn early?

Bogdan Belcea said...

Good luck Michael :D

RoadBunner said...

Yay! See you at Big Sur!!

Julianne said...

Yay!!! See you at Big Sur!! We are gonna have so much fun. Definitely no PR for me, either. Look forward to the scenery, though!! :-)