Sunday, 17 January 2010


I usually like to have a clever point when I post. However, the writing gods have not blessed me with a spiffy theme this time around.

I just felt like I'd been away for too long. Needed to land here to try to sort out my sh*t. Here's where I am in terms of my stated goals for this young year.

When it comes to my "run 20 miles a week" goal...I'm at 50%. I only set that bar two weeks ago. The first week I did it. The second week, which ends today, I have only run 12. Now, honestly, I may force myself out there later on and finish it up...but the Bay Area is supposed to get battered by major rains over the next 4-6 days. I could go to the gym and do it on the dreadmill, but, really. Does that sound like fun to you? My very clever wife suggested I run half of it outside and then finish at the gym. There's a jacuzzi at the gym. Did I mention? She's clever.

I am hoping to run at least one marathon in my Vibram Five Fingers anti-shoe shoes this year, so I am stepping up my training in them. I will say right here and now, I love running in them. My feet don't seem to mind them either. So far, though, my knees are still not entirely on board. That one week I ran 20 this year I did it in my VFF's. My knees noticed. The longest run I've done in them so far is 10 miles. Initially I thought I might be able to work up to 26.2 by the Los Angeles Marathon in March. Thinking now that may be too soon.

I have six marathons scheduled so far for this year, although I am only registered for one. I've ponied-up for LA, on my birthday weekend. I am committed to Oakland the following weekend, but haven't signed up yet. Last week's motorcycle mishap forced me to lay out $300 for new boots, jacket and pants. That's money that would otherwise have been spent on airfare for LA and Oakland registration. Those expenses have now been pushed back to February. Fingers crossed Oakland doesn't sell out. I have secured enough Rewards Points on my Amex to snag a free flight to London in late April for my Trieste and Prague marathons in early May. Just haven't pulled the trigger yet. That should happen next month, too. As for Venice and Athens, in October, nothing concrete's been done there yet. Waiting for "my ship to come in". Anyone seen my ship?

The other big (?) thing I want to do this year is, by the end of it, swim a mile. I have never been a swimmer. I have never liked being in water, unless it was really warm AND bubbling. I have now taken to my gym's pool. The most I've done in one workout session is 12 laps. I'm getting a little bit more comfy each time but I'm still against that bit where the water goes up your nose!

I am still looking for an East Coast marathon to do in the fall, so that I can meet up with the other members of my running club, The Goon Squad. The wife and I have decided we WILL be going to Boston for this year's GSR awards ceremonies. Hoping to find something to run there at the same time. Suggestions?

Wow! That post was really boring. If you somehow made it this far, hoping for some valuable 'nugget"...don't say I didn't warn you!

Gotta run!


Jocelyn said...

All the marathons you want to do this year sound awesome. I really want to do an overseas marathon but I'm not sure which one I should pick.
Good goals for the year and i'm sure you will be able to work up running father in you VFF.

Anne said...

Those sound like ambitious plans, Michael. I hope the finances and free flights work out just as you plan. I know what you mean about hoping a race doesn't sell out too soon.

Here's to staying dry during the next week. We in San Diego get to experience what it feels like to live in the far more rainy NorCal for a change.

Rachel said...

I've seriously been looking at trying out the VFF's so I'm looking forward to hearing how they fare for you on future runs. I've also recently taken up swimming for cross-training purposes, and I'm like you, it just isn't natural for me! But my goal for the year is also to swim a mile, hopefully we can both get there!

...Barbie... said...

i love that you're doing an overseas marathon. 6 races this year is awesome too, especially afer all you accomplished last year!!

John said...

a) Dump the VFFs

b) Run the MCM with me in Oct. I'm in already. We can stay at my sisters house.

it's a no brainer!