Monday, 27 September 2010


2010 has been the mirror opposite of 2009, in terms of workin' out and stuff...and it shows. Just weighed myself for the first time this year. There are 8 pounds more of me than there were back in December, when I finished my marathon-a-month thing. I'm using a belt hole that's one step farther out. That's a bad thing. 

The good thing is...I don't feel that bad about it. This has not been an easy year. Honestly, it's probably been the worst ever, in many regards. But, I  have been coping. Sometimes, barely. Sometimes, way better. I know there are crowds of folks struggling to keep their sanity in these troubled times. I mean, have you seen those Glen Beck-tards? I applaud myself for not tumbling into the depths of his depravity. 

Mostly, I thank my amazing wife. She has been there, in every way, every day. Partially, I thank Trader Joes...and its Simpler Times Lager, for bolstering my coping skills. $2.99 a six-pack. Not the kind of six-pack I really want, though. So....

As of October 1...I am dusting off my Brooks Beasts...and my Vibram 5 Fingers...Garmin 305,  podcast-loaded iPod, and am hitting the Bay Area running paths again.  I am sitting by my mailbox, waiting for the delivery of my brand new BLACK Big G (Goon Squad Running Club) running singlet. I regret letting them down this year. Last year they gave me the first-ever Craziest Goon Award...because of my marathon exploits. Not so much, in 20-10.  My goal is to be back in marathon/half marathon shape by the new year. 

Other than, in general, is getting much smaller for me and mine. After years of lofty dreams of travel and conquest, I am playing my cards much closer to my chest these days. I will surely miss the days of wine-enhanced travel when I went to Scotland to run the Loch Ness Marathon...or Budapest, to acquire my one-and-only marathon DNF. We've cut those options up...and run them through the shredder...and handed the baton off to the dudes in the suits.

I am pouring more effort into my fledgling bike repair concern...based in my garage and on Facebook. I am looking for more freelance writing opportunities. We are taking over a community gardening grow our own veggies. For some reason, my wife wants flowers in it, too. Perhaps, I understand...more than I'm willing to admit. 


Rachel said...

running will be glad to have you back, michael! i applaud you, and many others, for keeping your head up in the face of challenges and uncertainty. in the grand scheme of things, what is 8lbs, really?

Anonymous said...

good to see you have have good and interesting running and cycling goals. looking forward to seeing you in england.

TokyoRacer said...

Glad to hear you will be back on the road ... without the help of two wheels.
What is with the 1000 ab crunches? Really? That would take me about 3 hours. And actually, I hate to tell you this, but crunches are not so good for your back. It's better to life your knees toward your chest, or do planks.
By the way, check this out:

Runners Fuel said...

Glad to have you back. It's difficul to get back in the habit, but you'll do great!

s p running said...


HEY!! It's ridiculous to think you've let down anyone, it's been such a challenging year!! Just keep moving forward through the ups and down of life!!!


Glenn Jones said...

Way to keep your chin up and have a positive outlook on life! I'm about to enter the big unknown myself. I hope I can have the same positive outlook that you do.