Monday, 22 November 2010


That's what I've done, training wise, for the past couple of weeks. 

I just couldn't bear it. I've been waiting, hoping for some sort of inspiration that will kick my ass out of bed, into my VFFs and on to the running road on a regular basis...and it may have arrived today.

Just got an email from the Austin Marathon folks. They've changed the course so that that bitch of a hill that used to be at about mile 25, just behind the State Capitol, will now have to be conquered at the BEGINNING of the race instead of at the bitter end. I am very happy about that.  

It's exactly three months until the next Austin Marathon, which is the race I've selected as my comeback event. I did it in 2009...and other than the infamous bedbugs incident in my downtown Super 8 Motel...that left me with tennis ball-size bite marks on the back of my neck and my legs on race day...I am IN LOVE with the Texas capital. When I left I knew I'd be back. 

I'm up to 8 miles at one time in my barefoot shoes. And that last "long" run felt great. I am hoping for a 10er tomorrow. I really need to kick things up now.  I'm serious. The news about the starting/finish line change has given me new life. 

If you've got any extra mojo you can spare...please forward it to me. I'm REALLY gonna try to light a fire under my own ass and get it done. 

Gotta run? 


megan said...

Hey Mike - you can have a little of mine, but save me some, its mighty cold here and I need what I can get! I'm still on track for the half in Austin so I'll see you there! Run happy :)

Rachel said...

i wish i had some to spare, but i've been struggling lately as well - think i may finally be a little burnt out. you still have 3 months though and i'm sure you'll get it done. good luck!

Melissa Cunningham said...

sending mojo your way!

TokyoRacer said...

By the time I get over my calf muscle tear, I'll probably also only have three months to train for LA. So I hope that's enough time for both of us!

Michael said...

Mojo!? That's what I've been missing! I ran Chicago on 10-10-10 and aside from an extremely disappointing time, it was a great race. Good luck in Austine. I hear they pull out all the stops. Mike