Tuesday, 1 March 2011


As you may recall, 2010 was not the best year ever, for me, or a whole lot of people. Fortunately, the time bomb that was never did ignite, largely, I think, because my gym has a jacuzzi.

What little I did run or ride last year had more to do, I'll be honest, with my need to sit in some hot water and just forget. After visiting Budapest a few years ago I became convinced that in a former life I lived there, or Sweden, or somewhere else that has what I've heard called a "bathing" culture. If you know nothing about the baths of Budapest, check this out.

So far, 2011 has been better than 2010, by leaps and bounds. So much so that during a recent run in San Francisco's Mission Bay neighborhood, I realized it was not about the tub. It was again about the run. It was a stellar moment. I made no proclamations about it then, because I've tired of making those announcements and then having to back off from them. I still end up in the hot tub, but it's no longer the goal. I'm good with that.

Not only have I been running more (although, still not a lot), I have also been on the bike again. With just over a year to go til my 60th birthday I have begun to seriously plan and train for my ride from John O'Groats in Scotland to Land's End in England. Here's a video put together my three guys who did the same ride, so you get some idea of what it's all about.

A few days ago I installed new the new "moustache" handlebars on the touring bike (picture above) AND a camera mount...and headed off for a 15 mile ride along the Richmond shoreline to test both out. Both get good marks. I then spent five hours yesterday learning how to use Windows Movie Maker and put together this little ditty. YouTube made me change the soundtrack (some goofy thing about copyright. I really don't think CSNY would mind if I put "Carry On" under my production...but, there you go. The original is posted on my Facebook page.) I intend to vlog much of my bike training over the next year, before I head across the pond...to do 1000 miles in 3-4 weeks. Guess I have to find a new source of useable music tracks.

Training for my "mystery marathon" has not begun in earnest yet, but it will soon. For those of you eyeing the "Just Finish" technical shirt that I'll be sending to whomever guesses where I'm going before I go, the next clue to the destination is...I have until May 28th to register at the current price of $85...after which the fee skyrockets to $90. That's all you get for now.

I am in the market for my 2nd pair of Vibram Five Fingers "barefoot shoes." I have stayed true to my commitment to not return to regular running shoes, and am very happy with that decision. I now wear my Brooks Beasts when gardening. Before I buy the new VFFs though I would love to hear from those of you who run in Nike Frees. I think they may be a good option, too, but would like personal testimonies before I make my final choice.

Gotta run, gotta ride!


leslie said...

"I still end up in the hot tub, but it's no longer the goal." So happy you said that, Michael! Enjoy the miles!

TokyoRacer said...

Nice video - that camera mount is great!
I want to do my long runs along that Marin Bay Path - in fact, I want to live there.

I don't know, it doesn't seem like many runners are using the Nike Frees. Many Nike shoes are too cushiony, maybe these are too?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that mount is nice and stable. It'll be fun to see where you bike from now on!

Rachel said...

great video, what a beautiful ride! sweet music, by the way : )

i remember in college i would go swim at the gym for a workout, but only so i could soak in the jacuzzi after : ) glad to hear you've found that spark again!

looks like the end to end will be truly epic.

Anonymous said...

Great Video!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the intro to Bob (Tokyo Racer). We met up for a beer and some food in Toyko. Have a good week Michael.