Monday, 19 December 2011


I needed some inspiration this morning. I had a 10 miler on the schedule...written in ink on my desk blotter. In ink! That means I had no choice. But, I was not feeling it. Thanks to my Facebook friends who pushed me out the door.

I have 2.5 months to go til my next marathon. Rock and Roll New Orleans at the beginning of March. I have worked my way back up to double digit mileage, as of this morning, and I am happy with that. But, I'll be's bloody boring...other than the scenery.

I knew that already...having run a few of these things before. But, seeing that I've taken a couple years off, I seem to have forgotten a lot. I am getting reacquainted...with the drudgery. But, it's a good drudgery.

I was ridiculously slow. 13:00 per mile pace. That sucks...but it's all I had in me. I thought about bailing early on, but decided I it was more important to remind my limbs and joints of what distance is all about. They're remembering.

Undaunted...I am pressing on. 12 is next.

Happy Holidays!

Gotta run.


Anonymous said...

and 10 becomes 12 becomes 14 ... you're well on your way again...

good luck with the rest of the journey to new orleans

Rachel said...

good for you, 10 is no small feat! you're body will recognize these long runs soon enough and things will click. keep it up!