Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Okay...I'll make this quick.

I ran yesterday in my VFFs....for the first time in a very long time...and decided to hang up my running shoes for good. I have been looking for some sort of inspiration to commit myself to the marathon again...after nearly a year off. The VVFs did the trick.

I ran last week in my Brooks Beasts...and couldn't wait for it to be all over. I would have run more yesterday if I'd had more time before work. The nearly-barefoot thing just feels so much lighter, despite the eight pounds I've acquired since the Santa Barbara International Marathon last December. I'm also faster without big spongy heel strikes to battle. Bye, bye served me well. Thanks for the ride.

That was not the only thing decided during yesterday's out-and-back along the San Francisco waterfront. I have also decided on my next marathon. I'm back in the game. I am now officially in training for a return visit to Austin, Texas in February.

I ran Austin in 2009, and despite the bed bug infestion in my first motel room, I thoroughly enjoyed the city, the bbq, the post-race margarita, the music, and the race itself. Word is many of the runners that year were treated to a blazing meteor show in the sky that morning. I missed that. I liked everything about the Austin Marathon EXCEPT the exceptionally cruel steep climb at mile 24/25...on the east end of the state capitol building. My Austin Marathon medal is my favourite, of the thirty I have hanging in my den. I need another one. So...look out Texas...Whacko's coming back.

Part of the inspiration for the two new decisions...the arrival earlier this week of my new Goon Squad Running Club "Big G" singlet. This is one bad ass singlet. I am dying to put it on, but, despite the fact that it says XL on the label...I can't wear it comfortably. My goal is to train the aforementioned eight pounds away and debut this bad boy in Austin.

For my bicycle friends...have no fear. The Scotland trip in 2012 is still on. The return to marathoning will only make me stronger and leaner for that adventure.

Once again it feels good to say....

Gotta run!


Runners Fuel said...

Welcome back!

rUntoNamAste said...

Awww yea, welcome back marathoner :) I take it you will be running Austin in your VFF's? [Can't remember if you ever ran a marathon wearing them.] Either way, go for glory, champ!

leslie said...

I love how odd and wonderful you are! (That's a compliment, and I hope you take it as such, Michael!)

Rachel said...

welcome back! austin sounds like a great race. when it comes to the whole shoes/vibrams debate, my answer is always "do what works best for you". sounds like you've figured that out!

megan said...

OMG Mike I just tweeted you too, but I am so doing Austin too!! I'm so excited we have to meet up!

...Barbie... said...

Yay! You're back!! You were like my biggest cheerleader when I started and I am excited you're getting back out there!! I hope training goes well and the race goes even better! Can't wait to follow your training!! <3

RoadBunner said...

Awesome. I don't know if Austin is my favorite medal, but I agree it is the nicest!

shenx said...

Welcome back Michael, are you still using VFF's. I got just a new pair of Vibram Women's Five Fingers KSO and i really love it.