Monday, 25 July 2011


No more.

I have made plenty of proclamations over the past year and a half...and have seen few of them through.

I've talked about running more, not running at all, running a little, signing up for races, not signing up for races, drinking less wine, drinking no wine, eating less butter and cheese, losing weight, taking things more seriously, using my time better, trying to find more time to waste, blah, blah, blah.

Since completing my 12 in 12 challenge in December 2009, and losing my job the following March, it's been a struggle to find lasting focus, on anything other than sheer survival. My many proclamations were my attempts to find that definition. Trouble is, life does not often operate within one's own boundaries.

The process of constantly moving the goal posts and then not scoring has been tiring. I have decided to make just one more grand proclamation...and that is to not make any more of them...and discover what it's like to not put myself under that pressure.

I am going to run...whenever. Maybe slowly. Maybe I'll try to get faster. Haven't decided. I may sign up for half marathons or even another 26.2 miler...and then may not show up. All depends.

My UK bike ride is still on for my 6Oth birthday celebration. The last time I tried it, I spent two years planning every day's mileage, lodging, and even the food I was going to eat on particular days. But I'm now going to leave next year's adventure mostly unbooked.

I have a book to write. I have beaten myself up for not being further along with it. Just heard an interview with a well-known author who said it takes him 4-6 YEARS to write a book. I'm wondering about how that would be.

I'll let you know.

Gotta run, gotta ride...or do I?


Rachel said...

michael i think it's great you're cutting yourself some slack! so many of us are hung up on certain goals that we lose focus on the task at hand, paying more attention to the accomplishment rather than the journey to get there. life is too short and trying to plan every little thing is a waste of precious time!

TokyoRacer said...

Sounds good...go with the flow.

As for the last sentence: yes, you gotta run and gotta ride, you just don't have to do them on a fixed schedule.

Michael said...

Good for you Michael. You're getting wiser and a tad more handsome (if that's at all possible).

;>) Michael