Monday, 15 August 2011


There are now, as always, changes in the works.

Until very recently there had been some commitments made that I truly thought were set in stone. However, I am learning with age, that this life thing is a fluid situation. I am, fortunately, not one who frets about making adjustments.

Firstly, my 60th birthday trip next year to ride from John O'Groats in Scotland to Land's End in England may have to be scaled back. I am making contingency plans now. The original plan was to take a month to do the 900-plus mile journey, completing the trip I started years ago, only to be derailed four days in by carpal tunnel syndrome. In the current financial climate, which, thankfully is only partly cloudy at this time, I am not sure I can put away enough cash to cover both the trip expense and the cost of keeping the home fires burning while away. So, I am looking at two week bike trip options...including the Danube River Trail, from southern Germany to Vienna, which would take four to five days, followed by three days in England for the BBC Good Food Show in June. Got to get into and out of England before the Olympics start! At this point, this is only a backup plan.

I have paid my money to run the brand new NorCal Half Marathon in San Jose, California next month....but I am considering pulling the plug on that idea. I have not trained at all, and have no desire to start now. I have, of late, fallen in love with long-distance bike rides. Good thing, right, considering my plans for 2012? I will miss hooking back up with a number or friends who are going to do the race...but the passion's just not there...try as I may to drum some up. This too, is only a consideration right now. Who knows, I might just feel inspired on race day morning.

Also, I have been writing this blog for years. There was a while that I was fairly prolific, back when I was running a lot, and had lots to share about marathoning and travelling. But I'm not doing either right now, and feel I have little of worth to write about these days. A number of subscribers have unsubscribed lately, which could just serve to prove my point. So, this too may end. Besides, I have a book to write, and my time to sit at the computer is limited. Perhaps it would be better spent on the bigger project.

No decisions have been keeping with my last post, I am in no position to make any big pronouncements. Taking it all day by day.



Rachel said...

sorry to hear you may have to cut the trip short...although i'm sure it will be pretty epic no matter what! selfishly i hope you continue with the blog, even if it is only occasionally. but if i must, i'll settle for reading your book one day!

Karoline said...

Well I have just put your blog on my new blog, so I am a die-hard follower!! Also, there are times when we're prolific, other times where we're just not in the mood. No biggy. Passions change and mutate, but you always inspire, my friend!

Michael said...

Michael, I am a 55 year old man with a few marathons under my belt. I have cycled three 1000 mile bike trips. I follow your blog because you inspire me. I understand that passion drives one forward. I am sad that your passion for running is less, but I am pleased that you intend to replace it with cycling. Whatever you decide know that you have inspired me, and countless others I would think, and for this I thank you. I look forward to your next post. Michael (from Canada). PS I'm running a marathon in your country in two weeks... Bismarck North Dakota! Follow it on See Mike Run.

...Barbie... said...

i LOVE the honesty of your posts and I do not comment nearly enough. I will miss you if you stop blogging - but don't let little me sway you in any direction. ;)

And I for sure understand the passion for running just fading, but it is amazing you have found another endurance sport that makes you happy!!

Best of luck in all your decisions!!