Monday, 26 September 2011


My heart pounded like crazy for hours last Sunday night, as I squirmed atop my Sacramento Hosteling International bunk bed. I was, admittedly, in some "discomfort." I'll not call it pain, as whatever it was that hurt, after my 75 mile, 6 hour bike adventure across the Sacramento River Delta, was tempered with the realization that, on the downhill, freewheeling side of the slope that leads to 60 years old, I can still do this sh*T. And, perhaps even more importantly, for me...I still want to.

Want to see what it was like? The video's here.


Rachel said...

wow, that was quite a trek! next time you're in sac we should meet up for a drink or something!

Michael B said...

rachel- thabks. you got it. meet up we will. loved your yosemite pics, btw. good luck in chicago!!