Monday, 31 January 2011

3K, 12K, 50K, OK

Today was not a run day. It was an ab crunch day. Big time.

Just decided this would be the day I did 3000 of those bad boys, for the first time ever. Knocked 'em out at the gym in about 45 minutes. Most I've done before, 2500. Not sure why or how I'm able to do these.

Early last year I did the 200 situps in 6 weeks program. I only did 32 the first day...because that's all I could manage. Worked my way up to the 200 fairly easily, and felt the added fitness helped my core strength when running. It made the up bits of hills easier to run. Didn't feel like loosing that so I kept doing the core work, although switched to ab crunches. 2000 seems to be my base now. Today's 3K didn't hurt...but my back is a little stiff. 4K next?

As for the 12K...I have paid my money for the 2011 Bay to Breakers footrace in San Francisco. Was not going to run it after hearing that the organizers are scaling it back, and trying to squeeze the goofy out of it. Goofy's what this yearly event is known for. Lots of beer, crazy floats, centipedes, far too many naked people who should not be, the tortilla toss, and upwards of 100 thousand people. They're capping participants at 50K, banning the booze and the floats, and promising to clamp down on anyone who breaks the rules. When I first heard about the changes I swore I was done with it. I've run it 8 times. friend, Ms. Fool is coming all the way out to the Left Coast from the East Coast to do could I not. My pal Patti's going to do it too. could I not.

Janathon ends today. I did not stick with it. Oh, well. It did get me out the door at the beginning of the month, and reminded me of how important endorphins are to my mental health. Fended off a costly venture into anti-bummed out drugs. Thumbs up, for that. To all the Janathoners who saw it through...good on ya!

Marathon update. My mystery marathon choice remains the same. Serious training for that event will begin soon. For those of you hoping to guess where I'm going before I's the next IS a Boston Qualifier...although I shall not be shooting for a BQ. That'll be the day!

Gotta run!


Anonymous said...

3000? 3000? I struggled to do 3...that is pretty hardcore well done! And congrats on finishing Janathon. That race sounds pretty awesome...well the beer does anyway!

Amber Austen said...

Will miss you at the Austin event,.. rawk this one me!!!

Amber Austen said...

Will miss you at the Austin event,.. rawk this one FOR me!!!

Rachel said...

i'll be out at bay to breakers, too! it'll be my first time, so i'm hoping not ALL the crazy is gone : )

rUntoNamAste said...

You're the best for signing up for B2B. I hope everyone breaks the rules because I want full on debauchery! Can't wait to finally meet THE Man, Mr.12 in 12 :)

And ummm, 2000 crunches? I'd die!