Thursday, 20 January 2011


I had three goals for today's big bike ride.

1. Put in some Janathon miles. (28!)
2.. Check out the new bike/pedestrian tunnel through Cal Park Hill between Larkspur and San Rafael.
3. Experience first hand the DayGlo yellow paint on the front of San Rafael's new pizza palace.

It was just one of those days in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of those days people who want to live here dream about. Those of us who do reside here don't have to dream about them. They happen a LOT! It's winter. The vibrant blue skies were nearly-cloudless. The temps were in the crisp low 60s. The early morning brought unexpected major gusts of wind, up to 50 mph in some spots, that only cleared all the fireplace smoke and roadway smudge out of the air. It would have been criminal to not have ridden.

This is a route I've ridden and run dozens of times...with the exception of the new tunnel component. I had planned on taking pictures, but those on the Marin Bicycle Coalition's website could hardly be improved upon by me. There's even a video. I must say, it is not often I am blown away by such things...but this structure is brilliant. The fact that this was accomplished here, during tough economic times, with cyclists in mind, is hard to fathom. But, I'm trying.

Once I got into downtown San Rafael, I headed straight for Pizza Orgasmica. It's a new pie place. Its owners have created quite the stir by painting it bright...and I mean, BRIGHT, yellow...with green trim (they've got some affinity for things Brazilian). Some locals love it. Others say it gives them headaches. I had to see it for myself. I will admit, it IS yellow. My wife and I (at my urging) painted our old bathroom almost the same colour. It woke me up in the mornings. City officials in San Rafael last night asked the owners to tone it down a notch. Good thing they didn't see our loo!

Downtown San Rafael was mile 22 of today's ride...and I thought I was done. Headed for The Broken Drum Brewery just up the street, called a friend to see if he could meet for a beer. He couldn't. I drank alone. One IPA. If anyone tells you they saw my eating a bowl of garlic fries...I will go to my death bed denying it!

Took the bus back across the Bay. Then rode another six miles to home. All three goals accomplished.

Now - For those of you trying to win the Just Finish technical running shirt. Here's a recap of what we've learned so far. I am running...another marathon this year...somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. It's being held in a city I've never run in before. Guesses so far are..Berlin, Detroit, and Athens. Nope! Nope! Nope!

Stay tuned for more clues.


Anonymous said...

Second guess: Edinburgh?

Thanks for commeting at FTTS: I do read Bob's blog from time-to-time. Do you have his contact details?

Rachel said...

sounds like an awesome ride!