Thursday, 6 January 2011


(First off I must say I absolutely HATE Blogger! I have tried three different browsers and none of them will let me put these pics where I want them. Arrgh! You'll have to connect the not-too-difficult dots. Sorry!)

NOW! After my miserable attempt at a three mile run earlier this week I was afeared that I'd aged over the last year of inactivity to the point where the damage could not be repaired. However, somehow, awoke this morning with an itchin' to get on my bike, despite the frigid temps.

After adorning myself in various weather-appropriate velo-garb, strapped on the Garmin 305, and stashed the Blackberry and a camera in the bike-bag-on-the-back, I headed out the door. I told my wife I had a couple of ideas about where I'd be going, but added that I could be gone all day...or back in 20 minutes.

Fortunately for my sense of self-esteem, it turned out to be the former. 3:08, 35 miles...1 cup of Blue Bottle potty stop (pictured above!) beer and a companion sandwich...and one public transit trip home.

Destination One was the my temple of coffee, about 8 miles from my house, just off of Oakland's Chinatown. If I haven't convinced you over the past couple of years that it's the best coffee on the planet're hopeless. I'm sorry.

From there it was through a part of the city known as Oakland's Riveria. It looks nothing like its European namesake, believe me. Just our little stateside way of having a bit of a lark!

Then it was across the High Street Bridge into the "island city" of Alameda. I was a good boy and followed the signed instruction to "dismount" on the bridge. Then headed to the beach side of the city where I rode until I could ride no more without answering the call of Mother Nature. She was screaming at me to find a potty. Thus, again, said picture above.

Sufficiently and completely relieved, it was over the Harbor Bay Isle bridge into another part of Alameda and then into Oakland again...this time riding along the edge of the International Airport, and past the actual airfield from which Amelia Erhart took off on her ill-fated around the world journey.

After that, it was straight down Doolittle Drive to Marina in San Leandro, a sharp right turn, and then out to the city's Marina, oddly enough, and then out onto the Bay Trail, through the amazing bayside wetlands and then down into Hayward. It was not long until I spied the downtown area, that, over the past 15 years or so has had quite a resurgence.

The last time I was at Buffalo Bills was about that long ago...and it has come a long, long way. It was the first brewpub to open in California when restrictions on such things were lifted. Back then it was reminded me of a place where ill-tempered biker gangs might meet to rumble outside. Not so much anymore. Perhaps best known for their "Alimony Ale"...there are always any number of other selections available. Good stuff.

It was 32 miles to this point. After the brewpub, it was a two block ride to BART that took me to within 3 miles of home. Rode the 3 to bring my total to 35 for the day. I'll take it. Please apply to my Janathon total! Thank you.


Ian Charters said...

Try Windows Live Writer for blogging. Text is OK and control of pictures is much better.

Frank Eeckman said...

You're right about the coffee!

Melissa Cunningham said...

so were you drinking the same coffee that got you through my long blog post?ifso, thats stuffs gotta be good then!
good to see ya back on here!
keep up those miles!!!!