Sunday, 2 January 2011


Got up this morning and stepped right into it. My Janathon experiment, that is.

It's only 2 January, and I felt if I followed my heart and remained cocooned inside my cozy abode, safe away from all chilly winter downpour, that I'd fall so terribly behind that I might never get started. So...loaded the gym bag and headed to 24 Hour Fitness.

I have written before that I'm not one who usually goes for inspiration from other people, feeling that if I don't own my own mojo I should just stay home. This morning was one of those rare occasions when I drew from the energy of others. I knew there were a bunch of intrepid souls who also signed up for Janathon who ran yesterday and would probably run again today. I did NOT want to get smoked by you lot!

Judging my the lack of a sweaty crowd at 9am in my gym, it would appear that lots of folks have already packed it in when it comes to that get fit New Year's resolution. Only four of the 24 treadmills on offer were in use. I chose one quickly and spent a good 32 minutes on it, pounding out a 3 miler, while listening to the latest BBC 2 Chris Evans and Simon Mayo podcasts.

After that, moved on to do 2000 (yes, 2K!) ab crunches. I know it sounds like a lot, and I always get questions about how I manage so many...but I just do. The funny thing is, you'd think I'd have a tight six pack of ab muscles as a result...but, seriously, not so bleeding much!

That's it, really. Off and running.

Wishing the rest of the Janathoners an "awesome" (we use that word a lot over here!!) month...and a brill 2011.

Gotta run!

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maggiee said...

Good work on your second day... and hope you have a 'jolly spiffing' Janathon yourself! :-) Happy new year!