Tuesday, 18 January 2011


In my previous blog post I may have led you astray. Just wanted to clear things up. I have NOT quit Janathon...oh, my, my, no! It's been too much fun connecting with new people at home for that. I've just decided to let everyone else win!!! That's just how I am.

I did run today, for the first time in about a week. Three crazy-slow, hilly miles beginning and ending outside my gym. During my trek, in my "barefoot shoes" I was listening to Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode's BBC Radio 2 film review podcast on my trusty iPod...and was left in a smidge of a nagging quandry.

Dr. K is my favourite film guy. He has an unhealthy affection for "The Exorcist"...but he also acknowledges the brilliance of my all time fave flick, "Brassed Off!." Now...he's come out liking "Blue Valentine" which I really wanted to see until my friend Dave, whose opinion I also respect, told me it was rubbish. Now what do I do? Have you seen it?

Anyway...in other news. It did not take me long, but I have chosen my 2011 marathon. If you missed the previous post, I shall reiterate. I am going to run another mary this year...but I'm not going to reveal which one...until it's over! If you want to try to guess where I'm going before anyone else, and win yourself a smart and sexy Just Finish technical running shirt, check back here for the clues. Here are the first two.

1. I have never run in this city before.

2. It's in the Northern Hemisphere.

Off you go!

Gotta run!


Rachel said...

literally just saw blue valentine tonite! i would recommend it, but be warned it's a bit depressing.

as for the marathon, i'm gonna need more clues!

TP said...

Detroit Oct. 16th... see you there!

I'll buy the first beer or so. :)

Jules said...

BERLIN marathon on September 25...
What do I win?!
Jules (@2011miles)

Anonymous said...

athens 13/11/11