Monday, 17 January 2011


I am ready to admit it. There are very few things I can commit to doing every flippin' day.

Drinking two cups of coffee, first thing. That one you can bank on, full stop. Checking my e-mail and my Facebook page. Two other sure things. That may be about all I am able, or willing, to commit to. That leaves a lot of stuff, while attractive and inspiring in many cases, subject to not much more than whim or mood of the day.

This does not bode well for my Janathon adventure. The goal there was, seriously, to run or walk or ride everyday in January and then blog a bit about the day's achievement. My intent was pure and good. My follow through has been dismal. I am officially accepting that...and conceding. I will NOT be taking home the gold at the end of this month.

I am more than willing to go on epic bike rides between now and the end of the month, and will try to log as many miles I'm able, with that and running and walking. I could even possibly rack up more miles than anyone else, but I will not have done it according to the proper guidelines.

My best wishes go out to all the Janathon participants who are still in the hunt for glory! I will be watching, reading your blogs, and cheering you on. If there was even a chance that I might have been able to take part in the post-Janathon celebration in London in February I might have stayed true to the game...but that's not happening.

And then...there's this. In order to keep myself moving at some level of respectable pace for the better part of the rest of 2011, I am telling myself that I will run another marathon this year. However, once I've chosen it, I am going to keep it a secret. The way it's going to work is...I am going to do some research, pick a great destination race, train, FINISH...and then, just like at the end of a home-makeover show on television, there will be the big "reveal."

So, just day later this year, you'll get to wake up one morning, wipe the sleep from your eyes, pour your cup of morning joe, and check the runners' blogs you check...and learn that I've done it again. Won't that be awesome for you?? Okay, maybe not. But that's how I'm doing it.

I may drop a clue every now and then...and you can try to guess where I'm going. And get this...if you're the first one to get it...BEFORE I run, I'll give you a free membership in the Just Finish group AND a brand new Just Finish running shirt. Truth told, membership in Just Finish is always free and you can (and really should) sign up now. We're a fun bunch of athletes. You could make it that much more fun! Check it out, huh? See you there.

By the way, don't guess yet. I haven't chosen my race. And...thanks to Kevin at Just Finish, for providing the awesome prize!

Gotta run!


Oscar Mike said...

For me Janathon isn't just about running and blogging EVERY day, just making an improvement on what I'd normally do. Before Christmas I've been doing exercise 3 times a week (and one of those was footy, which often featured a beer afterwards), but now I'm up to 5 times. We'll have to see whether that means burning off all the Christmas excess...

Nice work on the giveaway - great idea.

Good luck with the epic rides.

Phil aka Oscar Mike

RoadBunner said...

Hey! Just catching up with your blog. I am excited for your secret marathon! Sounds like fun. And I like the idea of tuning in one day and being surprised :)